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Whether you grew up surrounded by nature and feel at home in the mountains and forests, or you want to commit to getting outside more but don’t know where to start, we’ve got content for you. Insider tips, honest advice, packing lists, camping recipes, inspiration… you’ll find it all here.

We Believe

  • Fresh air is good for the soul.
  • Everyone — regardless of where you were born — deserves to explore the outdoors and share their voices.
  • The outdoor community should welcome and empower people to get out and explore nature.
  • We should be kind to our earth and treat nature with respect always.
  • We can reduce our impact on the earth through companies we choose to support.
  • Being prepared and informed is essential to staying safe in the outdoors.
  • Camping food can be just as delicious as what you cook at home!
  • Campervans are pretty cool!
  • Getting more nature in your life is something you’ll never regret

Go Wander Wild - We believe
Go Wander Wild - The People

The People Behind Go Wander Wild

We’re Katie and Ben, high school sweethearts turned full-time bloggers, and full-on lovers of the outdoors!

We’re both from Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you’re never been, here are two things you need to know about Minnesota:

  1. We have more than 10,000 lakes, and we are very proud of it. Some of them are clean enough to drink from. 
  2. It gets cold in the wintertime. Like, really cold. If you don’t like seeing your breath and having your boogers freeze, don’t visit Minnesota in the winter. (You’re welcome!)

Katie was raised camping and fishing on the many lakes of Minnesota. Ben, on the other hand, grew up playing organized sports like football, basketball and track, and his introduction to the outdoor world came a bit later in life. 

And while we always liked to consider ourselves “outdoorsy”, it took us moving to the mountains of Washington state to realize…

…we felt like total outsiders in the outdoor community.

There was all this lingo we didn’t understand, and sometimes it felt like a competition where everyone was trying to prove they were the most adventurous.

Over the next several years, we became kind of obsessed with all things outdoorsy. 

We are still very much in the learning process. And we have so many skills we want to work on and adventures on our ginormous dream list.

Wherever you are on your outdoor journey, we’re here for you. We’re here to provide inspiration, tips we’ve learned by making mistakes, and helpful information to get you outdoors. To show you you’re not alone is feeling new or confused or overwhelmed. 

Remember this: Everybody starts somewhere.

Expert skiers have fallen many times. Every climber has their first ascent. Each backcountry camper has a first time.

After a pretty traditional start to adulthood (i.e. graduating university with loads of student loans and starting jobs in the so-called “real world”), we had a crazy idea…

What if we took a break for a while and traveled?

And that’s just what we did. Over the next 6 years, we taught English in South Korea, hiked to Everest Base Camp, trekked to remote villages, volunteered on organic farms, worked at a ski resort, built our own campervan and lived in it for three months.

We saw the most epic sunrises and sunsets. Connected with people from all around the world. Lived with little. Spent countless hours outside. Hiked in remote places without another soul for miles. Learned more about ourselves and this world than we ever thought possible. And fell deeply in love with life, the outdoors, and this earth that we’ve been so privileged to explore.

But after a handful of years of being nomadic, we found ourselves craving a home. 

Psst! If you are curious about our international travels, check out our website, Two Wandering Soles, for the full story.

Long story short, we ended up moving to central Oregon, where we can be found working on our computers from coffee shops during the week, and getting out to explore this new home of ours on the weekends. We’re obsessed with camping and hiking and learning new outdoor skills. 

And so, Go Wander Wild was created. A place for us to share what we’ve learned, to inspire and be inspired. 

Go Wander Wild - About

Go Wander Wild is a community of writers who are passionate about the outdoors and want to help get you out, whether you’re super experienced or totally new to this. 

Remember, everyone starts somewhere. We are still learning every single day. 

Now, enough about us! Let’s talk about you…

What kind of outdoor content do you want? This website is for you, our readers, after all. So we’re all ears. Shoot us a message with your thoughts or suggestions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Wishing you wild wanderings!

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