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With hundreds of miles of coastline, thick forests, mountains, hot springs, raging rivers and waterfalls, there’s no arguing Oregon is absolutely breathtaking.

Beyond the beautiful landscapes, Oregon is home to some of the coolest small towns in the United States and has endless amounts of adventure.

Whether you’re passing through while traveling in the PNW, or you’re lucky enough to call this state home (like we do!), we’ve put together some detailed articles to help you plan your outdoor adventures in Oregon. 

Breitenbush Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

Offering far more than several geothermal pools, remote Breitenbush Hot Springs is a full-blown wellness retreat with an incredible story. We put this guide together so you know exactly what to expect, from how to get there to what’s included, lodging options, tips from our personal experience, and more.

20 Incredible Oregon Waterfall Hikes

With so many mountain ranges and forests, not to mention all that rain, it’s no surprise there are dozens of spectacular Oregon waterfall hikes. We've rounded up a list showcasing the full variety, from coastal falls to 600-foot drops and secluded swimming holes. Explore them all, and get ready to [...]

17 Incredible Oregon Waterfalls to Chase

Consider visiting some of the top Oregon waterfalls, which come along with unlimited opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, camping, and other fun outdoor activities. Many waterfalls in Oregon are located along the coast and in easily-accessible state parks, making it a great option no matter how much time you have.

Painted Hills Oregon: Ultimate Guide + Tips

Characterized by brightly colored layers of earth, the Hills preserve an impeccable record of evolution and the changing climate over the past 40 million years. Find out everything you need to know before visiting the Painted Hills Oregon, including the history of these remarkably colorful hills and tips for visiting [...]

Skylight Cave Oregon: Ultimate Guide + Tips

Though it appears fantastical, the lava tube known as Skylight Cave in Oregon is yet another one of the incredible natural wonders found in this part of the country. We'll tell you how to find it (hint: it's tricky!) and what to expect when visiting.


Pilot Butte: Bend, Oregon Trail Guide

Just east of downtown Bend, the urban trail up Pilot Butte packs a surprisingly impressive punch. You’ll get some serious cardio in just one mile, along with 360-degree views of the Cascades. This Pilot Butte hiking guide breaks down everything you should expect.

19 Scenic Oregon Lakes to Cool Off in This Summer

From one of the most famous natural attractions in the world to remote, little-known hidden gems that require a strenuous hike, Oregon lakes cover a wide spectrum. Use this guide to help you plan out your next lake-based adventure in Oregon!

Alvord Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

Alvord Hot Springs offers an unforgettable soaking experience tucked in southeastern Oregon at the base of Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert. This guide tells you exactly what to expect, how to get there, what to bring, and more.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

In remote eastern Oregon, Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a spa-like oasis with multiple pools, miles from anything. As hot springs enthusiasts ourselves, we put together this guide with everything from how to get to this off-the-beaten-path location to exactly what to expect.

Broken Top Hike: How to Get There & What to Expect

Beloved by trail runners, backcountry enthusiasts and day hikers, this 15-mile round trip Broken Top Hike is not to be missed! We're going over everything you need to know to prepare for the hike, including a shortcut that'll shave miles off your trip!


Paulina Lake Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

Oregon has its fair share of scenic natural “hot tubs,” but none quite like Paulina Lake Hot Springs. Situated on a small beach along the lake, these springs offer a rustic experience complemented by beautiful views. In this guide, we break down exactly how to plan your visit.

Trail of Ten Falls: Silver Falls State Park Hiking Guide

Oregon’s impressive Trail of Ten Falls is a highlight of Silver Falls State Park, taking hikers past a whopping 10 waterfalls. We put this detailed trail guide together to help you plan the best route and get the most out of your hike!

10 Smith Rock Hikes for Your Oregon State Park Visit

While best known as a world-class climbing destination, Smith Rock hikes are bucket list-worthy, with jaw-dropping scenery and trails spanning all lengths and difficulty levels. This guide details the best Smith Rock State Park hikes, plus other essential details!

Misery Ridge Trail Guide for Smith Rock State Park

With expansive views across central Oregon and a jaw-dropping look over the Crooked River, Misery Ridge Trail showcases the best of Smith Rock State Park. We put together this detailed trail guide to help plan your hike.

Proxy Falls Oregon Trail Guide

Proxy Falls is arguably one of Oregon’s most unique and impressive waterfalls — and amazingly, it requires less than a 2-mile hike. This guide covers everything you need to know about hiking to Proxy Falls Oregon, plus what exactly makes it so special!

Multnomah Falls Hike: Guide to Hiking Oregon’s Most Popular Waterfall

The Multnomah Falls hike is one of Oregon's most popular adventures, and for good reason! To help you experience this iconic waterfall for yourself, we put together this detailed guide. 

15 Spectacular Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls

From gentle tiered cascades to dramatic drops of several hundred feet, the vast variety of Columbia River Gorge waterfalls is incredible. This guide covers our top recommendations (out of nearly 100!), with options for every type of adventurer, plus tips and insider info.

10 Breathtaking Oregon Lavender Farms You Can Visit

France may be world-famous for its iconic purple lavender fields, but Oregon also has its fair share. The moderate climate and fertile valleys create the perfect environment for several Oregon lavender farms, and this guide highlights some of our favorites.  Summer in Oregon is synonymous with beach days, paddling various [...]

Oswald West State Park Oregon: Guide + Hikes

Protecting a stunningly beautiful patch of the north Oregon Coast, Oswald West State Park combines several quintessential Pacific Northwest sights, including rainforest, rugged sea cliffs, waterfalls, and beach. This guide will help you plan a trip to the coastal paradise! 

Belknap Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

Central Oregon’s Belknap Hot Springs is a popular year-round destination situated on the banks of the stunning McKenzie River. There are multiple ways to visit, so we put this guide together with everything you need to know to plan your visit.

Tom Dick and Harry Mountain: Hiking Trail Guide

Tom Dick and Harry Mountain packs a tremendous punch: astounding views of Mount Hood, a loop around pristine Mirror Lake, and a not-too-challenging trek to get there. This guide goes over everything you need to know about hiking this stunning trail.

15 Cozy Cabins in Oregon You Can Rent

From tiny homes nestled deep in the forest to beachfront houses and unique, whimsical spaces, there’s a bit of everything to choose from when it comes to cabins in Oregon. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for a cozy cabin stay.

South Sister Hike: A Trail Guide

The tallest of the iconic Three Sisters peaks near Bend, South Sister is one of the most coveted outdoor pursuits in all of Oregon. It’s a challenging, unique trail that requires advanced planning. We put together this South Sister hike guide so you’ll know exactly what to expect.


Guide to Visiting Thor’s Well Oregon

Located right off Highway 101, Thor’s well is one of the most interesting and fascinating stops on the Oregon Coast. Use this guide to Thor's Well Oregon to plan an epic stop on your coastal road trip.

21 Fun Oregon Coast Hikes for Nature Lovers

While Oregon as a whole has some of the best hiking in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon coast hikes in particular are simply stunning. With dramatic cliffs where the Pacific ocean meets the rocky coastline, old-growth forests, towering rock formations, sand dunes, and so much more, here are our favorite Oregon [...]

17 Bucket List Worthy Mount Hood Hikes

With vast pine forests, vibrant alpine meadows, and cascading waterfalls, hiking in Mount Hood is every nature lover's dream. We’ve rounded up the best Mount Hood hikes to highlight the variety of scenic trails, waterfall hikes, and backpacking trips you can experience in this mountain wilderness.


10 Incredible Cannon Beach Hikes for All Levels

When exploring Cannon Beach, there are trails for all hiking levels. We’ve put together this list of the best hikes near Cannon Beach so that you can plan the perfect itinerary and see some of the most beautiful views on the Oregon coast. From popular trails to unique ones, these [...]

Bend Oregon Camping: 15 Best Campsites

From the rugged mountaintops to the rivers rushing beneath and adventure at every turn, camping near Bend, Oregon is a popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts of all interests and skill levels. We’re sharing our favorite Bend, Oregon campsites so your next trip will be an experience like no other!

15 Magical Waterfalls Near Portland

The waterfalls near Portland are some of the most beautiful falls that the state of Oregon has to offer. We’ve rounded up a list of the best waterfalls within easy driving distance of Portland, to help you plan and cross these beautiful waterfalls off your bucket list! 

How to Visit Tamolitch Blue Pool Oregon

In this article we'll cover everything you need to know about visiting the famous Blue Pool Oregon. From exactly how to get there to trail details and nearby attractions, we've got your covered!


Cannon Beach Camping: Where to Stay in Your Campervan or Tent

Cannon Beach is one of the most beautiful places to camp on the Oregon Coast. If you’re on a road trip down the coast, these Cannon Beach campsites are the perfect spots to pitch your tent for the night. Use this guide to Cannon Beach camping to discover the best [...]

17 Awesome Portland Hikes

With towering volcanoes, lush forests, and the Pacific Ocean all within two hours, there’s an outdoor adventure to match every taste. We rounded up the best hikes near Portland to highlight a diversity of trails, from easy urban escapes to full-day treks with overnight camping options.

How to Visit the 7 Wonders of Oregon

From the rugged Oregon Coast to the dramatic alpine deserts in the East, the 7 Wonders of Oregon are some of the most fascinating landscapes in this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Use this guide to the 7 Wonders of Oregon to help you plan your visit and craft your [...]

45 Best Hikes in Oregon

When hiking in Oregon, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, we’ve got the perfect hike listed here just for you. From the most epic views to the most unique hikes, this article has all the best hikes in Oregon to make any outdoor-lover [...]

Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs: Directions + Tips

Find out everything you need to know before visiting Terwilliger Hot Spring, also known as Cougar Hot Spring and some of the most beautiful springs in Oregon. We'll go over how to get there and what to expect from your visit, plus a few mistakes we made during our visits [...]


Crater Lake Hikes: 10 Best Trails in the National Park

There are some seriously incredible hikes in Crater Lake National Park. Our advice is to figure out which hikes you really want to do, and plan itinerary around them. We put together a detailed list the best Crater Lake hikes to help you plan your trip to this spectacular national [...]

Winter in Bend, Oregon: Top Things to Do in the Cold Weather

Looking for the best things to do during the winter in Bend Oregon? Wintertime in Bend is actually quite beautiful, and it’s not as cold as you might think! We’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas of fun wintertime activities in Bend.


Umpqua Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

Find out everything you need to know before visiting Umpqua Hot Springs, some of the most beautiful hot springs in Oregon. We'll go over how to get there and what to expect from your visit, plus a few mistakes we made during our visits so you know what to avoid.


15 Best Hikes Near Bend, Oregon

After living in this Central Oregon town for nearly 2 years, we’ve had plenty of time to discover the best hikes near Bend, Oregon. We put together some of our favorites suitable for all levels, including easy walks and longer full-day treks.

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10 Best Oregon Coast Campgrounds + Advice to Help You Plan Your Next Adventure

Exploring Oregon's rugged and expansive coast is best done by car and camping along the way will ensure you get to spend the most time in the outdoors. We've put together this list of the best Oregon Coast Campgrounds plus advice to help you plan your next adventure.

Silver Falls State Park: What to Expect + Best Hikes

Just a short drive from Portland, Silver Falls State Park is an amazing escape into nature. Hiking routes like the Trail of Ten Falls take you past stunning vistas of some of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. We’ve put together a quick guide on how you can make sure you [...]

12 Best Hood River Wineries to Visit in Northern Oregon

Unlike the coast, Northern Oregon has a much more dry and arid climate that lends itself to all kinds of outdoor activities, and also happens to have prime conditions for wine production. In this list of the best Hood River wineries, we'll let you know what to expect and how [...]

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11 Best Oregon Hot Springs + Where to Find Them

We put together a list of the best Oregon hot springs. From McCredie to Bigelow, you’re sure to find a new favorite outdoor space in one of Mother Nature’s jacuzzis. Plus we’re sharing details on how to get there and what to expect so you are fully prepared for your [...]


Tumalo Falls Hike: How to Get There & What to Expect

Just 12 miles west of downtown Bend, Oregon lies Tumalo Falls, a beautiful 97-foot waterfall in the Deschutes National Forest. Here is everything you need to know before your visit to the falls, including when to go, how to get there and how to do the Tumalo Falls Loop Hike.

McCredie Hot Springs – How to Get There & What to Expect

When it comes to hot springs, Oregon has plenty to choose from, and McCredie Hot Springs is a longtime favorite of locals. We'll show you exactly how to get to McCredie Hot Springs and what to watch out for.