Crystal Crane Hot Springs: How to Get There & What to Expect

In remote eastern Oregon, Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a spa-like oasis with multiple pools, miles from anything. As hot springs enthusiasts ourselves, we put together this guide with everything from how to get to this off-the-beaten-path location to exactly what to expect. 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

There’s no shortage of incredible hot springs all over Oregon, many of them wildly popular. Crystal Crane Hot Springs, however, remains somewhat of a hidden gem.

This could be because of its remote location in eastern Oregon, but getting there is part of the adventure! Crystal Crane is 2.5 hours east of Bend (and 3 hours from Boise), and there’s only one small town on the way

It’s worth the trip, because the hot springs are rarely crowded and visitors enjoy rare 24-hour access. There are also multiple soaking options, including private spa-style bathhouses, and onsite lodging for every type of traveler. 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Guide

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs overview

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

Crystal Crane checks all the boxes of a great hot spring. For starters, there are multiple places to soak, ranging from public to private and cool enough for kiddos or scalding in the aptly named Lobster Pot.

There’s the huge main pond (free for overnight guests), plus cedar bathhouses you can rent and even private tubs you fill yourself at the cabins and teepees.

Then there’s the range of affordable overnight lodging and onsite amenities, including wi-fi and a weekend coffee shop. And due to its remoteness and large main pool, even when Crystal Crane Hot Springs is “busy,” it’s never crowded

Crystal Crane Hot Springs stats

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

Here are all the important things to know about Crystal Crane Hot Springs:

  • Location: Burns, Oregon (Google Maps location)
    • about 2.5 hours east of Bend and 3 hours west of Boise
  • Exact Location:
  • Nearest moderately-sized town: Burns, Oregon — but note it’s still VERY small!
  • Access: Drive-up; no hike required
  • Time of year: Open year-round
  • Lodging: 10 different lodging options, ranging from campsites to motel rooms, private cabins, and glamping, including a camper and a teepee (book lodging online)
  • Type of hot spring: Developed
  • Number of pools: One large public “pond” plus several individual private bathhouses and in-room hot tubs
  • Water clarity: Exceptionally clear in the individual tubs, and just slightly less clear in the pond
  • Temperature (at source): Variable in the pond with an average of 101℉, and controlled by the user in the private tubs
  • Depth: Up to 5 feet deep in the main pond; individual tubs are like stock tanks, with just enough depth for two adults to submerge
  • Clothing: Required in the public pond; everything else is private so you can soak as you please!
  • Suitable for children? Kids are welcome in the pond with adult supervision, and because of the communal environment, the vibe is pretty tame 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs rates

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

Use of the main hot springs pond is complimentary for all overnight guests. The following rates are for day-use visitors.

  • Adults: $10 for up to 4 hours in the pond; $15 per person, per hour in the private tubs or $50 for 2 hours for 2 people
    • Tuesday is Family Day, and groups with children pay a flat rate of $5 per person for up to 4 hours
  • Children 4-11: $5 for up to 4 hours in the pond; $15 per person, per hour in the private tubs or $50 for 2 hours for 2 people
  • Children 0-3: $1 flat in the pond; $15 per person, per hour in the private tubs or $50 for 2 hours for 2 people
  • Seniors 62+, military, & disabled: $5 flat for seniors in the pond
  • Towel rental: Towels are available in the shower house, included in the rental rates

In addition to the above rates, Crystal Crane Hot Springs rents guest rooms, as well as cabins and teepees with private hot tubs. The rates for these accommodations vary from $123.75 to $437.75 per night.

There are also a variety of tent and RV campsites available. Tent or “dry” sites start at $30 per night, while RV sites start at $60. 

Check their official website for pricing and booking information.

How to get to Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

From Bend, Crystal Crane Hot Springs is 2.5 hours away. You’ll take US Route 20 East for the bulk of the drive, then hop on Oregon Route 78 East for the last 25 minutes. All of the roads are well-maintained year-round and suitable for any vehicle.

Coming from Boise, expect just over a 3-hour drive. Because of the remote location, you have to go up and around when coming this direction. This route mostly follows I-84 and US Route 20. 

Things to know about visiting Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon
  • The water temperature varies quite a bit in the main pond. Because it’s nearly 10,000 square feet (!), this is to be expected. To find warmer water, head to where it’s being pumped into the pond. To cool off, hang out in the middle. 
  • Clothing is required in the main pond. If you prefer a clothing-optional soak, rent one of the private cedar bathhouses or a cabin.
  • Overnight guests have 24-hour access to the hot springs. This is one of the main perks of staying here! Note that the main pond is open to the public for day use.
  • Children are welcome in the large pond. As long as they’re under adult supervision at all times, you can bring your little ones to the main pool.
  • Crystal Crane Hot Springs doesn’t permit alcohol. This is common with hot springs to preserve the quality of the mineral water. In natural, undeveloped springs, this rule is often ignored, but here, people follow it — so it’s a great option for families with kids. 
  • The closest store is 3 miles away. Crane Store & Deli has a (very) small convenience store and ready-to-eat food, but there’s no gas or other services and it’s often closed at odd hours. To be safe, bring all the food, drinks, and fuel you’ll need.
  • Crystal Crane is dog-friendly. Dogs are welcome in designated cabins and common areas, but not in the hot springs or bathhouses. 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs FAQs

These are common questions asked about visiting Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

How many pools are there?

Crystal Crane Hot Spring Oregon (Patty Butler)
Image by Patty Butler via Google

Crystal Crane Hot Springs has several “pools.” There’s one large main pond, plus a handful of individual private cedar bathhouses with soaking tubs. In addition, several cabins, suites, and teepees have private tubs, either in the room or on the back patio. 

How crowded is Crystal Crane Hot Springs?

One of the absolute best things about Crystal Crane is that it’s never crowded. Aside from being ultra-remote, the property layout and size of the main pond keep crowds to a minimum. 

The pond is so big that even when things are busy, like on holiday weekends, it doesn’t feel crowded at all. 

When’s the best time of year to visit?

There’s truthfully no bad time to go to Crystal Crane Hot Springs. It’s accessible all year, and the roads to get there are well-maintained year-round as well.

Personally, we think enjoying a winter soak under the stars is especially magical, so we’d plan our visit for any time between late fall and early spring

Having said that, because of the abundance of onsite camping options, this is a hot spring that you can certainly enjoy in the summer, too. 

Is Crystal Crane Hot Springs worth visiting?

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

Absolutely! Make no mistake about it, Crystal Crane Hot Springs aren’t rugged or undeveloped, but if you’re a fellow springs enthusiast, this place is a must. 

The unique spa-like experience in a remote setting truly feels like an indulgent getaway, and the variety of affordable accommodation options onsite is the icing on the cake. 

With that said, we highly recommend staying overnight. A huge part of the appeal at Crystal Crane is being able to access the springs at night. There’s nothing quite like soaking under the stars or as the sun comes up! 

The not-so-great parts about Crystal Crane Hot Springs: 

  • It’s extremely remote. Of course, this can be viewed as a great thing, but it requires significant advance planning. The closest gas station is 25 miles away in a very small town, so pack some extra necessities and try to time your arrival for daytime hours.
  • It’s not totally private. Even if you rent a private bathhouse or cabin, there will be other people around when you come out. 
  • You’ll need to bring everything you want or need. Even if you stay overnight in a cabin or suite, Crystal Crane is most like camping. You’ll need utensils, charcoal, firewood, etc., and the closest place to get them isn’t at all convenient. 
Crystal Crane Hot Spring Oregon (Ashley)
Image by Ashley via Google

The good parts about Crystal Crane Hot Springs: 

  • Overnight guests enjoy 24-hour access to the hot springs. The main pond is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for visitors. 
  • Multiple places to soak. You can choose to enjoy the public pond, soaking on your own patio, or a luxurious spa-like soak in the cedar bathhouses.
  • Tons of onsite accommodation options. There’s something for everyone, including pet-friendly options, campsites, glamping, and private cabin and house rentals — and they’re super affordable!
    • Insider tip for van lifers and RV campers: If you don’t mind boondocking, the dry tent sites are nicer and larger than the designated RV sites with hookups. They’re better spaced out, and on grass versus gravel.
  • Even though it’s remote, it’s accessible. As long as you have the time, you can easily get to Crystal Crane Hot Springs in any vehicle, all year long.
  • The property has wi-fi available. Some people might find this a drawback, but it’s a huge plus for folks who work on the road. 

How much time should you spend at Crystal Crane Hot Springs?

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon

Day-use visitors can soak in the public pond for up to four hours, but we highly recommend staying overnight (or even all weekend). 

Keep in mind that the location is desolate and close to literally anything. If you’re planning a day trip, expect to spend a minimum of five hours just driving back and forth. 

Because overnight guests enjoy unlimited, unrestricted use of the hot springs, it’s well worth it to spend at least one night and soak under the stars. Plus, the private soaking options are affordable enough that if you have a full day, you can try out multiple ponds and a tub. 

What to pack for Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Oregon
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sandals or water shoes for walking around the property
  • Robe or swim cover-up, if you prefer (note that overnight guests are provided a robe)
  • A headlamp or flashlight if you’re soaking at night
  • Snacks and plenty of water
  • Overnight bag with clothes and toiletries if you plan to spend the night
  • Cooking supplies, including firewood or charcoal, if you’re staying overnight (bring ready-to-eat food or treat it like you’re camping) 

Things to do nearby

Southeastern Oregon is mostly high desert — almost otherworldly-seeming, especially for people who know the Oregon Coast. It’s remote and very rugged, but there are still plenty of places to explore. 

  • Alvord Hot Springs: An equally remote hot springs destination with 170-degree pools, onsite lodging and campsites, and a general store
  • Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: Several short, easy trails, a scenic auto tour route, and a visitor center/nature store with a wildlife museum and souvenirs
  • Steens Mountain: A ruggedly beautiful mountain with equally rugged hiking and backpacking trails

In addition, this area is a major destination for birdwatching and wildlife in general. There are also a large number of wild horses known to roam around, so keep your eyes open for them!

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs | Go Wander Wild

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