35 Hearty & Delicious Dutch Oven Camping Recipes

Using a dutch oven while camping is a game-changer, allowing you to make hearty, fresh-out-of-the-oven meals around the campfire. We’ve gathered the best dutch oven camping recipes for you to test out on your next outdoor adventure. 

Dutch Oven_STOCK-U (ignat-kushanrev)

It’s no secret that one of the best things about camping is the food, and these Dutch oven camping recipes will keep your bellies full around the campfire. 

If you tend to stick to old-school classics like hamburgers and hot dogs, we’d encourage you to broaden your camping meal choices. The traditional cooking method takes a few tries to perfect, but is inherently simple.

With Dutch oven camping recipes, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, quality, or convenience with your meals. In fact, many of the best recipes involve literally dumping ingredients in the pot and letting them cook for you!

Save this list for your next camping trip, and never look at camp food the same way again. 

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Dutch oven camping recipes for dinner

These recipes make for hearty dinners around the campfire. 

1. Chicken pot pie

Campfire Chicken Pot Pie (Allrecipes member)
Image by Allrecipes member

Just a handful of pantry staples simplify this cozy, hearty dish for cooking right over campfire coals. For an even easier, more flavorful hack, use shredded store-bought rotisserie chicken in place of the cubed chicken breasts.

You can also add diced potatoes or fresh herbs to give it a more rustic, homemade taste.

2. Campfire enchiladas

Campfire Enchiladas (Champagne Tastes)
Image source: Champagne Tastes

You may not picture cheesy enchiladas when you think of Dutch oven camping recipes, but they’re actually very well suited for cooking over a campfire.

This recipe fills the enchiladas with crab meat, but there are several other options. Try shredded chicken (heck, buy a rotisserie chicken and use it for enchiladas and a pot pie!), ground beef, or omitting meat for a vegetarian version.

3. Dutch oven pot roast

Dutch oven pot roast (Common Sense Home)
Image source: Common Sense Home

Inherently simple, the humble pot roast was born for outdoor cooking. This variation is very traditional, and like many other Dutch oven camping recipes, you can further customize it with different veggies or seasonings. 

As a bonus, this recipe includes a handy guide on how to use coals to achieve specific temperatures, like you would in an oven.

4. Jambalaya

Dutch oven Jambalaya (JONATHAN MOORE AND AUBREY JANELLE - Thor Industries)
Image by Jonathan Moore and Aubrey Janelle via Thor Industries

Some sources say the word jambalaya means “eat up.” Others define it as a mixup, or “mish-mash.” Either way, it’s delicious Creole-Cajun food that you can’t really mess up!

Jambalaya always has sausage, but otherwise, no two versions are alike. Many people add chicken and shrimp or crawfish, but you’ll find just as many who add one or the other, and others who use pork instead of chicken.

5. Chili with cornbread

Campfire Dutch Oven Chili with Cornbread (Beef Loving Texans)
Image source: Beef Loving Texans

Some of the best Dutch oven camping recipes are the ones where you can quite literally dump everything into the pot. In this case, that even includes the cornbread.

This camping meal is already super easy, but to make it even simpler, measure out your spice mix at home, then add it to the chili all at once.

6. Tater tot casserole

Tater Tot Casserole (Kent Rollins)
Image source: Kent Rollins

This simple but flavorful Dutch oven meal is comfort food at its finest, sure to be a hit with everyone (especially kiddos!). 

If you’re concerned about keeping the frozen potatoes cool, you can cook them at home and just reheat. Shredded hashbrowns also work in this recipe.

7. Taco soup

Taco soup (Little Family Adventure)
Image source: Little Family Adventure

Taco soup is a universal crowd pleaser, but this specific recipe adds an unexpected secret ingredient: ranch dressing seasoning. 

The result? A subtle flavor that’s tangy and smooth, one that will put this squarely in your top Dutch oven camping recipes.

Store-bought ranch packets are a great addition to your camping food list, but you can also easily make your own. 

8. Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd's pie (Campfire Foodie)
Image source: Campfire Foodie

Another crowd-pleasing, stick-to-your-ribs comfort meal, Shepherd’s Pie is surprisingly easy to make. 

This is one of those meals that tastes even better the second day after the flavors meld, so consider making the meat and veggie mix ahead of time. You can do the same with the potatoes, or use a pouch of instant mashed potatoes at camp.

9. Cowboy stew

Cowboy Stew (Hedgecombers)
Image source: Hedgecombers

Looking for something you can throw together without going to the store? Cowboy stew works great with any type of beans and tomatoes you have on hand. 

It’s an especially great Dutch oven camping meal, because fire adds caramelization and smokiness that makes it even better.

To feed a larger group, add in another can of beans or tomatoes (or both!), or serve over rice. 

10. Dutch oven pizza

Dutch Oven Pizza (Amanda Outside)
Image source: Amanda Outside

Pizza while camping is a complete game-changer, particularly when you make it in a Dutch oven. The crust caramelizes perfectly and comes out tasting like a rustic artisan wood-fired pizza.

You can get as fancy as you want with homemade crust and sauce, but you can also buy them from the store. Either way, make sure you pack LOTS of toppings!

11. Loaded nachos

Loaded Dutch Oven Nachos (Camp Kitchen)
Image source: Camp Kitchen

We promise, if you make these nachos as one of your Dutch oven camping recipes, you will quickly be voted permanent camp chef. They’re great as-is, but you can really take them to the next level by piling toppings on. That’s exactly why they’re perfect in a deep Dutch oven!

12. “Lazy Lasagna” (aka lasagna soup)

Campfire Lasagna Soup (Under a Tin Roof)
Image source: Under a Tin Roof

Here’s another very non-traditional, yet surprisingly easy to prepare, camping meal.

Making lasagna from scratch is complex and time-consuming, but this deconstructed version is ideal for camping. It comes together quickly, but you can also make it at home ahead of time and reheat over the fire to get that coveted second-day lasagna flavor.

13. Red beans and rice

Red Rice and Beans (Escape Adventures)
Image source: Escape Adventures

Admittedly, this version of red beans and rice is far from traditional. However, if you love flavorful, easy, and a bit of spiciness, add this to your repertoire of Dutch oven camping recipes. 

The one authentic red beans and rice staple? Andouille sausage. Unless you’re omitting it completely to make a vegetarian dish, it’s non-negotiable.

14. Sprite chicken

Sprite chicken (Fabulessly Frugal)
Image source: Fabulessly Frugal

As its name implies, this chicken stew uses Sprite as its cooking liquid. Other variations use apple juice, but either way, this meal yields an oh-so-tender, savory dish that has a very subtle sweetness

Combined with the bacon and cooked over a fire, the flavor is surprisingly complex!

15. BBQ baked beans

Dutch Oven Baked Beans (Seek Adventures Blog)
Image source: Seek Adventures Blog

Dutch oven camping recipes don’t get much easier than these baked beans. The recipe calls only for a handful of pantry staples you likely already have, but you can also add in more meat to bulk it up and make this a main meal. We’d do sausage or ham, but even hot dogs work!

16. Pull-apart cheesy garlic bread

Pull-apart cheesy garlic bread (Camp Kitchen)
Image source: Camp Kitchen

This gooey, buttery cheesy garlic bread is delicious on its own, but also works beautifully as a simple way to stretch out your other camp dinners

It’s so impressive that no one will believe you just dressed up a store-bought loaf of bread!

While this dish is very, very simple, it’s worth the extra few minutes to roast the garlic and buy fresh herbs.

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Dutch oven camping recipes for breakfast 

Who says you can’t have freshly baked breakfasts while camping in the woods!?

17. Mountain Man breakfast casserole

Mountain Man breakfast casserole (All Recipes)
Image source: All Recipes

Think of this hearty casserole like the classic chili of breakfast meals. You can toss in just about anything, everyone loves it, and it feeds a small army. In fact, we recommend cutting the recipe in half unless you have a big group or an easy way to store leftovers overnight.

18. French toast bites

French Toast bites (The Campgorund Gourmet)
Image source: The Campground Gourmet

French toast is common among Dutch oven camping recipes, but this twist is genius. Instead of having to flip individual pieces of bread and everyone eating in batches, this creative dish cooks bites of French toast, casserole-style.

Two secrets will prevent you from getting a mushy pile of sweet bread. First, use good quality, thick-cut bread like brioche or Texas toast. Also, cut it into squares before your trip, so it dries out and hardens a bit.

19. Spiced corned beef hash

Spiced corned beef hash (Camp Cook Explore)
Image source: Camp Cook Explore

A bit of a retro camping meal, corned beef hash is ideal for cooking at camp. None of the ingredients need to be refrigerated before cooking, you can find pre-packaged versions of most to make things even easier, and it comes together in just a few steps. 

Even better, you can eat corned beef hash for any meal! Feel free to adjust the spice level, and consider adding a fried or sunny-side egg on top. 

20. Biscuits and gravy

Biscuits and gravy (Hunting and cooking)
Image source: Hunting and Cooking

Biscuits and gravy doesn’t need an introduction; it’s one of the most classic, beloved camping meals of all time. And it works especially well in a Dutch oven, baking the biscuits to a perfect golden brown. 

The only caveat here is that cooking everything in one pot unfortunately results in soggy biscuits. You can either use a second pot for the gravy, or make it ahead of time, then reheat at camp and serve alongside the biscuits. 

21. Breakfast frittata

Breakfast frittata (The RV Atlas)
Image source: The RV Atlas

Although frittatas seem fancy, making one really isn’t complicated. Actually, you could argue that it’s even easier, because you simply let the eggs set up, rather than constantly mixing them. 

This savory egg dish is perfect for the outdoors, nutrient-rich and packed with protein. It’s especially satisfying for lunch after a long hike. 

22. Dutch baby

Dutch Baby (Self Proclaimed Foodie)
Image source: Self Proclaimed Foodie

In case you’re not familiar, a Dutch baby is a giant, super fluffy pancake that puffs up like a popover, then falls once it comes off the heat. The result is a custard-like center, similar to Yorkshire pudding. Amazingly, it comes together in mere minutes. 

As its name suggests, a Dutch baby makes one of the best Dutch oven camping recipes. Bring a variety of toppings, like syrup, fresh berries, whipped cream, and Nutella.

23. Cinnamon rolls

Dutch Oven Cinnamon Rolls (Dutch Oven Daddy)
Image source: Dutch Oven Daddy

Is there anything better than a warm, ooey, gooey cinnamon roll alongside your morning coffee at camp? 

You can use refrigerated cinnamon rolls for the easiest camping breakfast ever, but this recipe features a very simple homemade version. Instead of traditional swirled cinnamon rolls, you’ll use frozen dinner rolls and make the topping and icing from scratch.

Psst! You know what goes best with camp breakfast… a steaming cup of joe! Find out which is the best method and how to brew the best camping coffee for your next outdoor adventure.

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Vegetarian Dutch oven camping recipes

You don’t have to be a carnivore to enjoy hearty meals while camping. 

24. Vegetarian campfire lasagna

Vegetarian campfire lasagna (Champagne Tastes)
Image source: Champagne Tastes

Because Dutch ovens replicate how ovens cook, you can enjoy meals like traditional lasagna at camp. This recipe layers right into the pot and, of course, you can add meat if you prefer. 

To make this dish even more campsite-friendly, use “no-boil” lasagna noodles. If you can’t find them locally, you can also par-boil your noodles ahead of time. 

25. Vegetable stew

Vegetable Stew (Escape Adventures)
Image source: Escape Adventures

This hearty stew is chock full of colorful veggies and aromatic spices. Combined with red wine, soy sauce or liquid aminos, and tomato paste, it’s also rich and satisfying. 

Like most stews and soups, you can easily adapt this one to what you have, adding or omitting ingredients. 

26. Vegan chili mac

Vegan Chili Mac (Rainbow Plant Life)
Image source: Rainbow Plant Life

Developed as a quick dinner for busy weeknights at home, chili mac translates perfectly to cooking over a campfire. It’s packed with colorful veggies and uses crumbled tempeh for a protein punch that mimics the texture of ground meat. 

This particular chili is MUCH better after sitting for awhile, so consider making it early in the day.

Psst! Check out these other ideas for vegan camping food!

27. Ratatouille

Ratatouille (The Chopping Block)
Image source: The Chopping Block

For anyone who’s never eaten it, ratatouille is a traditional French Provencal vegetable stew. It seems complicated at first, but aside from slicing all the veggies, it’s really quite simple. 

Ratatouille typically uses summer produce, so this is one of the best Dutch oven camping recipes specifically for late in the season. 

28. Moroccan lentil stew

Moroccan lentil stew (Well and Full)
Image source: Well and Full

Anything involving lentils is great for the outdoors, because they’re filling without being heavy and they store easily. This stew adds the punch of fiber- and protein-laden chickpeas, along with a variety of fragrant spices.

29. Butternut squash campfire curry (vegan)

Butternut squash campfire curry (Cool of the Wild)
Image source: Cool of the Wild

If you have any dietary restrictions, this curry may quickly become one of your go-to Dutch oven camping recipes. It’s vegan, dairy-free, grain-free, and low carb! Don’t dismiss it as boring, though—it’s loaded with aromatic flavors!

To bulk up the curry, serve it over rice or with pita or naan bread.

Psst! Looking for more veg-heavy options? We’ve got you covered with these vegetarian camping meals that are both healthy & delicious!

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Dutch oven camping recipes for dessert

Don’t skimp on dessert, you’ll want to treat yourself after a day of hiking and exploring the outdoors. 

30. 10-minute dutch oven s’mores cake

10-minute s’mores cake (Polka Dot Chair)
Image source: Polka Dot Chair

Is it even camping if you don’t make s’mores? This clever twist combines those classic flavors with a store-bought cake, resulting in an ooey-gooey concoction that’s just as fun to eat as traditional s’mores.

31. Chocolate chip skillet cookie

Chocolate Chip Skilet Cookie (Camping Food Recipes)
Image source: Camping Food Recipes

Everyone loves a pizookie, and it’s even better when it’s warm and fresh off the fire. This version gives a fantastic made-from-scratch recipe, but you can also use refrigerated, ready-to-eat cookie dough. 

Consider adding broken up Oreos, and bring some whipped cream!

32. Dutch oven cobbler

Sweet Homemade Blueberry Cobbler Dessert
Image source: Jest Kept Secret

There are a TON of cobbler Dutch oven camping recipes out there, but this is one of the most unique. Instead of biscuit dough, it uses boxed cake mix and soda. This gives the “crust” part a deep golden caramelization. 

One of the best things about this recipe is that you can make literally hundreds of flavor combos. Blueberry filling with lemon cake, chocolate cake with cherry filling, or classic peach with white cake.

33. Pineapple upside-down cake

Pineapple upside-down cake (Mountain Kitchen)
Image source: Mountain Kitchen

This is an old-school favorite, but not typically something you see as a Dutch oven camping recipe. However, a simple but genius little hack makes this perfect for campfire cooking. 

Using paper towels on the bottom, your cake will come out perfect and you won’t have a mess to clean!

34. Strawberry dump cake

Strawberry dump cake (Bush Cooking)
Image source: Bush Cooking

A good ol’ fashioned strawberry shortcake is always a crowd pleaser, but this dump cake combines those same flavors into an even easier dessert. To really hit a homerun, don’t forget the whipped cream!

35. Monkey bread

Monkey bread (Bites with Bri)
Image source: Bites with Bri

Similar to cinnamon rolls, monkey bread is one of those treats you can eat any time of day. The pull-apart method also makes it fun to eat, so this recipe is a consistent favorite. 

You can use canned biscuits to save time, but we recommend making the glaze ahead of time, at home. Not only will it minimize what you have to bring, but using kitchen tools like a mixer takes the glaze over the top. 

Psst! Looking for more ideas?? After dinner, you’ll want to try some of these delicious and easy campfire desserts!

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How to cook in a dutch oven while camping

Dutch Oven 2_STOCK-Pix (distelAPPArath)

Dutch oven camp cooking is very easy but there is a bit of a learning curve

Light your fire and/or preheat your charcoal briquettes, depending on the recipe you’re making. While that heats up, prep your ingredients. 

When the coals become white around the edges, you’re ready to cook. Place the Dutch oven directly onto the coals or use a grate or tripod to suspend it over the fire, again depending on the recipe. 

For even heating, and to replicate the way an oven cooks, place coals on top of the lid, too. 

To control the temperature, add or remove coals, or move your Dutch oven closer to or away from the fire. Rotate the pot every so often and start checking your dish about two-thirds of the way through the recommended cooking time.

Best dutch ovens for camping

Dutch Oven_STOCK-Pix (MikeGoad)

If you are looking to buy a dutch oven for camping, below are a few good options we’d recommend. 

  • Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 5 quart: The Dutch oven that set the bar for all others, it’s hard to top a classic Lodge.
  • Overmont Camp Dutch Oven, 6 quart: Affectionately called the “Lifetime Pot,” this 2-in-1 has  a lid with cleverly integrated legs that allow it to be used as a standalone skillet. 
  • Caraway Camping Dutch Oven, 9 quart: The largest Dutch oven on our list, this one combines features of the traditional Lodge, like the flat bottom, with some from the Overmont, like the lid that can be used on its own. 

Dutch oven camping accessories

Dutch Oven_STOCK-U (yondon-batbileg)

There are a few tools available to make cooking with a dutch oven over a campfire a lot easier. 

  • Lodge 4-in-1 camp dutch oven tool: This genius multi-purpose tool comes in handy for all Dutch oven camping recipes. Use it as a lid lifter, legs for flat-bottom pots and pans, and more.
  • Camp Chef dutch oven tripod: A tripod lets you cook directly over open flames (instead of on coals), and works especially well when you need to cook something low and slow, like a soup.
  • Lodge dutch oven lid lifter: A simple but wildly effective and practical tool, this bar lets you lift and move your Dutch oven’s lid without burning your hands.

Round up of dutch oven camping recipes

Here’s a recap of all the best dutch oven camping recipes so you can see everything in one place.

  1. Chicken pot pie
  2. Campfire enchiladas
  3. Dutch oven pot roast
  4. Jambalaya
  5. Chili with cornbread
  6. Tater tot casserole
  7. Taco soup
  8. Shepherd’s pie
  9. Cowboy stew
  10. Dutch oven pizza
  11. Loaded nachos
  12. Lazy lasagna
  13. Red beans and rice
  14. Sprite chicken
  15. BBQ baked beans
  16. Pull-apart cheesy garlic bread
  17. Mountain Man breakfast casserole
  18. French toast bites
  19. Corned beef hash
  20. Biscuits and gravy
  21. Breakfast fritata
  22. Dutch baby
  23. Cinnamon rolls
  24. Vegetarian campfire lasagna
  25. Vegetable stew
  26. Vegan chili mac
  27. Ratatoullie
  28. Moroccan lentil stew
  29. Vegan campfire curry
  30. 10-minute s’mores cake
  31. Chocolate chip skillet cookie
  32. Cobbler
  33. Pineapple upside-down cake
  34. Strawberry shortcake dumpcake
  35. Monkey bread
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