41 Gifts for Hikers that are Practical & Fun!

We’ve curated a list of unique gifts for hikers! If you’re an avid hiker yourself, this list is a good place to gather wish list ideas. From super practical hiking gear to budget-friendly stocking stuffers, this guide is packed full of gifts for hikers that’ll actually get used and loved.

Gifts for Hikers | Go Wander Wild

Wondering what to give that person in your life who is always hitting the trails, spending their time in the outdoors and hiking their way around the globe? 

Good news, you’ve come to the right place! We put together a list of gifts for hikers that’ll be sure to impress even the most challenging person to find a gift for.

From super practical hiking gear they’ll actually use on their next trek, to some unique items they’d never think to buy for themselves, you’ll be sure to find a perfect hiking gift.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find a few items to add to your own wishlist, so take notes!

What types of items are in this gift guide for hikers?

Instead of filling our list with high-priced personal items (like new hiking boots or a drone!) that would be hard to pick out for someone else or completely outside of a realistic price range, we’ve curated a list of things that are a little more practical to give as a gift for the hiker in your life.

Perfect gifts for all hikers

We’ve curated a list of all sorts of items for hikers, from stocking stuffers to practical gear. Jump to different sections to see the best gift for your favorite hiker.

Oh, and we have a variety of price points too. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry because we even have a section of gifts under $20!

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Practical Gifts for Hikers

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Socks

Darn Tough Hiking Socks,  $23

Made and trail-tested in Vermont, these merino wool socks are designed for performance and comfort on the trails. Plus they are super comfortable, whether you’re hiking or lounging!

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Gifts for Hikers | Camelbak Hydration Pack

Camelbak Hydration Pack, $50

The easiest way to stay hydrated on the trails is by filling up your Camelbak. You no longer need to stop for water breaks as Camelbak makes it easy to hydrate on the go. This minimalist pack holds enough water for a 2-hour hike, plus room for extras like your keys and wallet. 

Gifts for Hikers | Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles, $97

Ask any long-distance hiker and they’ll tell you that hiking poles make all the difference! These carbon trekking poles are super lightweight and easily adjustable to any height. 

Gifts for Hikers | Powerbank

Goal Zero Power Bank, $32

The perfect accessory for when you’re off-the-grid in the backcountry. This durable power bank holds enough charge for a tablet, phone, headlamp or fitness tracker. 

Gifts for Hikers | SteriPEN

SteriPEN, $80

One of our gear obsessions is our Steripen. It has provided us clean water during backcountry hiking trips in the mountains of Washington, during our travels in South America, and all the way up at Everest Base Camp. This unique little device is essential for any hiker who enjoys going on multi-day trips.

Gifts for Hikers | REI Day Pack

REI Day Pack, $40

A handy day pack for hiking, this lightweight and breathable REI Flash 18 Pack converts into a stuff sack for easy storage or packing when it’s not in use. 

Gifts for Hikers | Rain Shell

Ultra Lightweight Rain Shell, $99

You never know when the skies will turn and you’ll encounter rain on the trail. That’s why it’s good to have a seriously lightweight rain resistant shell that weighs next to nothing and packs almost completely flat in your pack. 

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Gifts for Hikers | Headlamp

Black Diamond Headlamp, $40

We can’t tell you how many times our headlamps have saved us on hikes that take longer than expected and we get caught in the dark. Or on hikes where we need to get to the summit before the sunrise. It’s always a good idea to have a headlamp in your pack!

Gifts for Hikers | Microspikes

Microspikes, $70

We both have these mircospikes and they really came in handy when we hiked up South Sister in Oregon. These babies are a great way to expand your hiking season and be able to hike in different terrain that you wouldn’t want to traverse in just hiking boots. 

Gifts for Hikers | Ospray Sling Bag

Osprey Sling Bag, $30

This single-strap bag makes it easy to access your things while out on a day hike or wandering around town. 

Gifts for Hikers | Matador Packable Backpack

Matador Packable Backpack, $37

This ultra lightweight day pack packs down into a tiny carrying case when it’s not in use. Because it’s so small, it’s easy to throw into your larger backpack and pull out for day hikes when necessary. 

Gifts for Hikers | Garmin GPS Watch

Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, $170

Ok, so this is a bit of a splurge, but we wanted to include this durable watch as its built for the outdoors and made especially for hikers. It is smartphone compatible with built-in GPS and fitness tracking. Plus it has special features just for hikers like the “track back” feature that allows you to navigate the same trail you came in on.  

Psst! Gifting on a budget? No problem! We put together an article with all our tips for finding discounted outdoor gear

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Unique Gifts for Hikers

Gifts for Hikers | Annual Park Pass

National Park Pass, $80

Give the gift of outdoor experience with an annual park pass! The America the Beautiful National Park Pass covers entrance to any of the 2,000 Federal natural, historical, and recreational sites across the United States.

Not convinced yet? We broke down the value of the annual park pass (also known as the “America the Beautiful pass”) and gave our personal assessment on whether it was worthwhile in this detailed guide.

Gifts for Hikers | The Landmark Project Graphic Tee

The Landmark Project Graphic Tees, starting at $20

The Landmark Project is an organization we stumbled across that not only produces stunning outdoor-inspired art, but is committed to running their business in an ethical and sustainable way, from their supply chains all the way to their social and environmental impact. Read more about their brand story and sustainability goals here. We also think these graphic tees make great gifts for the hiker or outdoor enthusiast in your life. 

Gifts for Hikers | Solar Powered Collapsible Lantern

Solar Powered Collapsible Lantern, $25

This crushable solar lantern is great for lighting up your campsite at night. The collapsible design makes it easy to carry and built-in solar panels allow you to charge it in the sun or by USB cable. 

Gifts for Hikers | Yeti Coffee Mug

YETI Coffee Mug, $30

You’ve probably already heard of YETI products and their reputation for superior insulation. This spill-proof tumbler will keep your coffee hot or your ice frozen for up to 2 days! Plus it’s shatterproof, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. 

Gifts for Hikers | Lightweight Monocular

Lightweight Monocular, $60

Is the hiker in your life also a bird watcher? This high resolution monocular is perfect for hiking because it’s lighter and takes up less space than binoculars. Plus it’s durable and waterproof so it’ll hold up in outdoor environments. 

Gifts for Hikers | Foot Massager

Foot and Hand Massage Roller, $25

Give the gift of relaxation with this handy massage roller. This small portable massager offers powerful relief for sore muscles and can be used anywhere, even under your desk at work!

Gifts for Hikers | Collapsible Foam Roller

Packable Foam Roller, $70

Foam rollers are great for soothing sore muscles and promoting blood flow, but they are not exactly the easiest thing to transport. This packable foam roller has solved that issue by collapsing flat so it can easily fit in your everyday bag. 

Gifts for Hikers | Joby Smartphone Tripod

Joby Smartphone Tripod, $30

Get the perfect shot while on the trail with this compact and durable tripod by Joby. It’s adjustable attachment fits any smartphone and the flexible legs can grip, wrap or stand on just about any surface to help you get that impossible angle for your shot.

Gifts for Hikers | ENO Hammock

ENO Hammock, starting at $50

We received our ENO hammock as a wedding gift, and we’ve gotten tons of use out of it on our travels all around the world as well as in our own backyard. This super high quality hammock packs up small so it can be brought on all sorts of hiking adventures!

Gifts for Hikers | National Parks Book

National Parks Book, $13

The title says it all: “This book is for people who love the national parks”. This quirky guide celebrates our natural wonders with modern illustrations, and a storied history, complete with random facts and dates, of each of the national parks in the US.

Gifts for Hikers | Nomadix Towel

Nomadix National Parks Microfiber Towel, $40

We’re fans of using microfiber towels on backpacking trips since they take up less space than traditional towels and they dry more quickly.

There are lots of brands out there, but we love Nomadix because they use recycled water bottles to make their products (30 water bottles = 1 towel, to be exact!).

Gifts for Hikers | REI Printed Waistpack

REI Printed Waistpack, $30

The fanny pack has made a comeback since the 80’s and we are here for it! This cute printed pack let’s you keep your phone or snacks handy while on the trail and is completely hands-free. 

Gifts for Hikers | Matador Packable Blanket

Matador Pocket Blanket, $30

Have a dry clean place to enjoy a picnic or just rest your legs for a bit. This blanket is water and puncture resistant, plus it folds up in seconds to a size that can easily fit in your pocket!

Gifts for Hikers | Collapsible Cutlery

Collapsible Cutlery, $30

Your favorite hiker will never have to ask for plastic utensils again when you gift them this reusable spork set that collapses into a handy travel case. They are light weight, easy to clean and fit easily in a purse or daypack.

Gifts for Hikers | Waterproof Pocket for Valuables

Waterproof Pocket for Valuables, $30

Protect your phone and valuables from the elements in this Nite Ize Waterproof Pocket. The pouch packs easily into a day pack or fastens to your belt for easy access. 

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Stocking Stuffers under $20

Gifts for Hikers | RX Bars

RX Bars, starting at $7

Not only are RX Bars tasty and delicious hiking snacks, they are made with real food (none of those processed preservatives) and come from a company who’s mission is to create positive change. You can purchase since bars at just about any grocery store near you, or buy in bulk online to save. 

Gifts for Hikers | Buff

Buff, $20

This popular and versatile headwear can be worn climber style or as a bandana, hairband, helmet liner, headband or scarf. With fabric made from recycled plastic and built for performance, this is the perfect accessory for the hiker or outdoor enthusiast in your life. 

Gifts for Hikers | Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm, $5

Sooth sore muscles the natural way with extra strength Tiger Balm. This pain relieving ointment makes a perfect stocking stuffer for an avid hiker. 

Gifts for Hikers | Multi-tool

Multi-tool, $20

More than just a pocket knife, this multi-use tool is a camping tool, fishing pliers, safety lock, screwdriver, and bottle opener all in one. In fact the tool combines 12 different purposes into one easy to pack gadget. 

Gifts for Hikers | First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, $14

When it comes to hiking, always be prepared. With this small first aid kit, you can assure your hiker will be prepared for the typical needs of 2 people on a day hike. 

Gifts for Hikers | Beanie

Beanie, $17

A classic beanie comes in handy during a chilly morning or evening out on the trail. Choose a beanie in their favorite color (there are so many to choose from!) and slip it in their stocking this year. 

Gifts for Hikers | Reusable Silicone Bags

Reusable Silicone Snack Bags, $12

These plastic-free reusable bags are perfect for packing hiking snacks or a picnic. Help save money and create less waste with this fun little stocking stuffer.  

Psst! Check out our healthy and delicious hiking snack ideas to fill your silicone baggies!

Gifts for Hikers | Lifestraw

Lifestraw Water Filter, $20

Filtering water has never been so easy. The LifeStraw water filter lets you safely sip directly from a stream or water source filtering the water while it’s on it’s way to your mouth. 

Gifts for Hikers | Bager Anti-Bug Balm

Badger Anti-Bug Balm, $9

There’s nothing that can spoil outdoor fun like a bunch of mosquitos, am I right?? We love this bug balm because not only is it natural and DEET-free, but it comes in a solid, so it’s great for travel as well. 

Gifts for Hikers | Electrolyte Hydration Powder Packs

Electrolyte Hydration Powder Packs, $20

Add an extra boost of hydration to your drinking water with these electrolyte supplement blends. These sugar-free low calorie packs make drinking water tasty and will keep the active hiker feeling at their best. 

Gifts for Hikers | Sriracha Keychain

Sriracha To-Go Keychain, $14

For the hot sauce lover who’s always on the trail. This Sriracha keychain let’s them take their favorite flavor everywhere they go, even if their meal is being prepared over the campfire.

Gifts for Hikers | Mountain-scape Phone Case

Mountain-scape Phone Case, $15

This beautiful phone case will bring a nice reminder of the mountains – a favorite landscape for all hiking enthusiasts – on a daily basis. It comes in three different options for hard shell, silicone or snap cases, and fits most smartphone models. 

Gifts for Hikers | The Landmark Project Pins

The Landmark Project Pins, $10

We already told you why you should support The Landmark Project. Now you can stick one of these collectible pins from your favorite trail on your pack or favorite hat. 

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